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Having roof inspections performed regularly by an experienced contractor is an excellent way to improve the life expectancy of a home's rain gutters and roof. Fall and spring are typical good times to have these inspections performed, especially in wet areas, but it is also a good idea to have a Silver Spring roofing contractor take a look after any major storm or unique event like a falling tree. Scheduling regular checkups can help homeowners avoid extensive problems and costly repairs.

When an experienced roofing company performs bi-annual inspections, a well-qualified contractor will look for mold, moss or algae that might be growing on the roof. These types of problems are common when wet leaves are allowed to accumulate. Mildew can also occur when the tar around the flashing has pulled away from the seams. Brick chimneys can be a problem if the mortar or bricks are crumbling. Even if the ceiling isn't leaking inside the home, the roof might need some care.

When problems caught early enough, a professional contractor can easily fix them by clearing away the damp leaves and other debris. They can scrub away mold, moss or rust.

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Once clean, metal can be primed and repainted, new tar can be applied to the flashing, and cracked mortar can be replaced and joints and chimneys re-sealed. For moldy shingles, preventive materials can be applied to help avoid future problems. Taking care of minor repairs as soon as the damage occurs will prevent it from getting worse. Wet leaves, sticks, broken tree branches and other debris can damage the shingles.

From the ground, shingles might look fine. Upon closer inspection, however, one might see that they are cracked, curled, bubbled or worn in spots. A reliable Silver Spring company like Seneca Creek can inspect the damage and offer viable solutions. Catching the problem before it leads to serious leaks will be less costly to fix, and a certified roofer can replace the damaged or missing shingles. If a new roof is necessary, an expert can educate homeowners on the best options for their area. Slate, asphalt, metal and green roofing solutions all come with pros and cons that need to be evaluated and personalized to fit the family's situation.

A home inspection should also include checking out the rain gutters. Winter can be hard on gutters. Keeping them free of leaves and debris, making sure they are tightly clamped to the fascia board and sealing up any cracks or holes can lengthen the life of a roof.

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