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The roof of the home is the home's most important structure. Silver Spring Roofing contractors have seen that it is not until the roof starts to leak that homeowners even give it a second look. However, if homeowners take the time to examine the roof periodically, they can spot potential roof dangers and correct them before they get too bad.

Roofs with tree limbs that hang over the roof are in danger of snow and ice buildup or disease that can cause the limbs to break and to fall on the roof. Many tree limbs will weigh hundreds of pounds. When they fall on a roof, they not only damage roofing material, but they also can cause damage to the structure underneath. Homeowners should inspect the trees around their home and take care of potentially problem causing limbs before they break.

Trees can cause debris to accumulate on a roof. Leaves and sticks can pile up in valleys formed by dormers. The area underneath the debris will always be wet. This will cause shingles to deteriorate and will lead to water filtration, which in turn will cause the structure to rot.

Animals can do untold damage to a roof.

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Woodpeckers can damage a roof structure while searching for bugs that live in fascia boards. Raccoons will rip off shingles and tear open vents looking for a way to get into homes.

Gutters that are full of debris will eventually overflow. The backed up water will make its way into the edges of the roof, leading to areas of rot.

While all shingles have a wind rating, they are not impervious to the effects of heavy windstorms and hurricanes. Wind can cause shingles to lift up, resulting in minor damage that may lead to expensive leaks. If a homeowner sees a random shingle or two in their yard after a storm, it is a safe bet that their roof needs to be inspected.

Much of the country does not need to worry about snow and ice buildup, but in areas where freezing temperatures are present, as ice freezes and thaws, it causes shingles to lift and then fall back down. This creates an open area where melting snow can penetrate into the home.

What the majority of these roofing problems have in common is that they allow water to damage the roof or filtrate through the roof, causing damaging other parts of the home. It is best for homeowners to take care of minor problems as soon as they happen, thereby preventing water from destroying their roof.

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