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Leaky roofs come in many forms, and identifying the reasons that a roof may be leaking can be tricky. For this reason, the best call to make is to a qualified roofing inspector. Many home inspectors will start their inspection of the roof on the ground. This is because many large problems will be visible from the outside. Some of these will include animals chewing holes in the roofline, faulty vents or missing shingles. They will also have to look in the attic for signs of water entry.

Liquid adhesion can attribute to a great deal of water leaks that are difficult to trace. Letting a qualified Silver Spring roofing professional determine where the problem exists and how to fix it is the best policy to prevent larger problems from occurring. There are a few specific areas that these professionals will inspect in order to find the problem.

Flashing attributes to many problems with leaking. The flashing is simply a metal fitting that seals off a joint in the roofline, providing waterproofing. If corrosion or damage occurs on the flashing, leaks can begin.

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Looking for missing flashing on certain joints and damage to existing flashing is one important area that professionals will check when identifying the source of a leak. Skylights, while wonderful for adding natural light, can also invite leaking. As a result, flashing is often added around these seams and joints and should be checked in the event of leaking.

Damaged shingles are a common cause of a leaking roof. While they are designed to withstand a great deal of weather, they will eventually need replacement simply due to age and wear. Shingles at peaks are called cap shingles and are often the first to blow away in strong winds. Cracked tiles or slate can also be a major cause of leaking for this type of roofing.

For those living in cold areas, ice dams can be common causes of roofing leaks. When melted snow water is heated by the warmer roofing deck, it runs down to the eaves and re freezes.

When professionals are trying to track the source of a leak, they will often look in the attic for a darkened stain under the roof deck. Following the streaks of the stain will often show where it begins. They will then be able to more closely identify the crack, tear or seam that started the problem. Multiple leaks are most often caused by one small problem being ignored over a period of time.

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