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Silver Spring Roofing: Article About Rainfall and Roofing Gutter Clues

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Water naturally seeks level or an equilibrium, making it a good tool when searching for clues about a roof and gutter system. Every time it rains, water flows through the gutters to nearby drains. If there are any gutter problems, the water actually tells a story for both homeowners and Silver Spring roofing professionals. From an unusual stream forming at an eave to no water flow at all, allow these clues to help professionals find gutter problems and their solutions.

Gutters prevent water from flowing uncontrollably off roof edges, but homeowners may notice a steady stream emanating from one or more gutter areas. If the gutter is inspected at these points, contractors will find seam cracks. Water is actually flowing out of seam cracks, creating a steady stream seen at ground level. The seams must be repaired or contractors can replace an entire gutter section. Water streams to the ground and creates puddles and foundational damage over time.

One of the worst gutter problems is an entire blockage. Homeowners may not even know they have a blockage until a steady rain occurs. Because the water cannot move down the gutter system, it builds up and pours over the sides. Homeowners will see literal sheets of water flowing to the ground at several points along the gutter lengths.

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Contractors must troubleshoot the entire system to find the blockage and remove it.

Everything along the gutter lengths could appear normal, but the downspout is only releasing a tiny water stream during a rain event. This gutter and rainwater clue is deceptive because the system is technically draining to the street, but there is a small clog preventing all the water from moving efficiently. Professionals will remove the downspout and inspect it for any small clogs to fix the draining issue.

When homeowners see water moving through the gutter system with asphalt granules, it's a sign that the shingles are deteriorating rapidly. Contractors must evaluate the shingles for a replacement project. Rainwater will continue to have granules until new shingles replace the old ones.

Contractors may need to strengthen the gutters by using self-tapping screws connecting support brackets to fascia boards. Homeowners should be aware that this fascia must be in good condition to support the gutter. If it's severely deteriorated, roofers will suggest new lumber with the gutter repair. It's important to have the fascia replaced or the gutter will loosen from the structure again.

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