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Although standard roofs look simple by design, their intricate construction provides the home with decades of leak-free protection. When shingles are laid by Silver Spring roofing professionals, they use experience and expertise to align and secure materials perfectly to a sheathing surface. Homeowners should be aware of proper shingle attachment processes to have a better understanding of the roof system.

Contractors begin at the roof's bottom edge for the first shingle row. Experienced professionals will often use a chalk line to align the first shingles properly. A perfectly straight line allows shingles to be lined up correctly. If the first row isn't parallel to the ground, the entire roof surface will appear crooked when viewed from the curb.

Although nails are the main fasteners for shingles, these roofing materials also have another securing point. Along the shingles' top edges is adhesive. When the shingle is laid, heat from the deck and sun above activates the embedded glue. Shingles can be left in place without fear of falling off temporarily. Roofers can finish a section before returning to secure the shingles with nails.

All shingles should have at least four nails securing them to the roof.

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These fasteners pierce the shingle, underlayment and deck to hold the entire assembly secure. Some contractors even add six nails, especially if high winds are a concern in certain regions. If homeowners notice less than four nails added to each shingle, they should speak to the on-site supervisor for clarification. Proper installation techniques must be followed precisely.

As the second shingle row is added, homeowners will notice a lot of overlap with the first row. This overlap allows the tabs to cover the nails in the first row. When nails are protected from the elements, they don't succumb to weathering as quickly as exposed fasteners. Nail placement on the second row also benefits the first row. Two nails attached near the second row's tab cutouts actually pierce the first row's shingles below. Essentially, the first row receives two more secure nails to hold it tight to the deck. Future rows above the second one will have the same effect across the entire roof.

From quality fasteners to sturdy underlayment, roofing materials must be installed according to local guidelines. Homeowners can watch professionals from afar as shingles are slowly attached to the roof deck. Ask questions about shingle placement and roof design as the project continues, so homeowners can achieve the appearance they desire for their property.

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