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Consulting with an experienced Silver Spring roofing contractor when minor problems arise is a great way to mitigate problems and reduce the expense of repairs. Leaks and damaged shingles are among the most common issues that occur with roofs. Over time, even a small amount of water can cause rot and extensive structural damage, so many homeowners schedule preventive inspections on an annual basis. People who are in the market for a property may want to hire a roofer to perform a detailed inspection before agreeing on a purchase. Regardless of the situation, working with a knowledgeable professional can prevent small issues from become big ones.

Leaks may be the result of damage, poor installation or structural movement. Because a trained roofer knows where to look for potential problems, it's usually easiest and most cost-effective to call in an expert contractor. One of the most common causes of leaks is improper flashing or inadequate underlayment. Flashing is used to seal around corners and penetrations in the roof. Most walls and skylights have a piece of aluminum installed underneath the surrounding shingles. The flashing extends for several inches along the roof and up the wall.

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Around chimneys and fireplaces, there's also the need for flashing to prevent water from entering around the edges of the chimney. Because many chimneys are designed to be a separate structure, the flashing and masonry may move over time. A roofer can safely check to ensure that no gaps exist between the roof, skylight and flashing. Sometimes, fixing a problem leak is as simple as re-installing the flashing and applying the proper type of sealant.

Missing shingles are another commonly encountered problem. Shingles are more likely to be blown off the roof in reas that are prone to high winds than in other locations. Often, replacing damaged shingles is as easy as removing any products that have been compromised and putting in new ones. In addition to high winds, shingles may blow off a roof as a result of inadequate fasteners. Most asphalt shingles require four nails that are evenly spaced in order to withstand high winds.

Homeowners who have spotted large icicles hanging from their home's eaves may want to consult with a contractor to ensure that their property is safe from ice dams. Ice dams can lead to extensive damage and are the result of temperature differentials that cause ice and snow to melt and re-freeze. During the process, water can work underneath shingles and penetrate some types of underlayment.

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