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Silver Spring Roofing contractors have seen metal roofs grow in popularity in both residential and commercial settings. This has led to a proliferation of metal styles and roofing available for sale. It can be difficult for a building owner to know what metal roof is appropriate for their next project. A building owner will get the maximum benefit from a metal roof if they install the right metal roofing system, use the correct roofing application and have their roof installed correctly.

Metal roofing can be broken down into two categories, panels that use exposed fasteners and those that are attached with hidden fasteners. An exposed fasteners system is where the roofing panels are attached to the structure of the home by drilling a screw through the face of the metal into the wood or steel frame underneath. A washer or some form of sealant is used at the base of the screw head to prevent water filtration. The fasteners or screws used are visible or exposed. On average, an installer will use 70 screws to put one square foot of metal roofing in place. Exposed fasteners are perfect for light commercial buildings, pole barns and garages. This system is not typically used for residential buildings or buildings that have furniture on the inside.

In a hidden fasteners system, the screws are not visible and are under the metal roofing.

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The term standing seam is often used to describe this style of roof installation. These types of seemed metal roofs come in two varieties, a snap lock or a mechanically seamed standing seam.

The pitch of the roof plays a vital role in deciding what type of roofing to use. Buildings with a slope of 3:12 or more can use any type of paneling. Buildings that have a slope that is less than 3:12 require mechanically seamed panels. If other types of fasteners are used, the ceiling will leak.

The decking used for a metal roof will change depending on the type of metal that is used. Structural metal panels have been designed to sit over open purlins or struts. On the other hand, architectural metal roofing needs to have OBS board or plywood installed as decking material. Not following these guidelines will reduce the effectiveness of the roof.

Metal roofs are growing in popularity because they are attractive to look at and easy to install and will last for two or three times as long as their asphalt counterparts. Installing a metal roof will require a larger upfront investment; however, over time, that investment will more than pay for itself by allowing the building owner to avoid maintenance costs and reroofing expenses.

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