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Two types of roofing materials gaining wider acceptance are metal roof tiles and metal shingles. These styles are very different from the image most generally associated with metal roofs, which is that of corrugated sheets found on barns and utility buildings.

Modern metal roofing materials look so similar to traditional asphalt that only a roofing expert could look up at a roof from ground level and tell the difference.

One special type of metal roofing can withstand winds of up to 120 mph. A Silver Spring roofing company can provide information about the cost and benefits of using this type of metal roofing in your climate.

Metal roofs also include the added benefit of extreme fire resistance, which could lead to reduced homeowner's insurance premiums that would help offset the higher cost of this high quality roofing system. Another monetary benefit is that the warranty on quality metal roofing materials is far superior to that of asphalt shingles, often for its lifetime. In addition, damage from hailstones and ultraviolet radiation is much less likely.

Other types of metal roofing materials give the appearance of tile, but are impossible to break, along with being lighter and offering reduced energy consumption. Some styles look exactly like cedar shake shingles, making them ideal for use in structures of a rustic design.

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Because of increased threat or sever weather along the East Coast, metal tiles can be an excellent choice. Along with the strength, durability and other advantages metal offers when compared to asphalt shingles, high wind resistance comes from an interlocking system. The roof is one solid expanse without exposed shingle edges that can lift over time and permit wind to rip roofs to pieces.

Metal roofs do not increase the potential of lightning striking the home, either. In fact, even if a roof is struck by lightning, a metal roof will spread the electrical charge across the entire roof, dissipating it safely. High quality metal roofing materials will never rust. Galvanized metal forms the base layer, which is primed and coated with an acrylic base material. Stone granules compose the next layer, and the entire shingle is treated with an acrylic glaze baked on. The increased safety and durability of metal roofing materials enables the manufacturers to offer the lifetime warranties.

An attractive metal roof could be the last one ever purchased. When combined with installation by a certified professional, they represent a valuable investment that provides a lifetime of returns.

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