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Metal roofs are no longer confined to corrugated panels of aluminum that are reminiscent of those used on barns. Today, metal roofing comes in various styles that are designed to look like clay, stone and wood. Formed into shingles, shake, tile or slate styles, they are one of the most durable options on the market today. Growing quickly in popularity, they are versatile enough to fit in with any architectural design.

Common metals used are aluminum, steel, galvanized steel, copper and zinc alloys. They are produced in rolls for easy installation by a professional Silver Spring roofing company. The sheets of steel are treated with special metal coatings to help fight against rust, and they are finished up with an additional protective coat of paint.

Aluminum options don't need the metallic coating, but they do need to be painted. Copper, on the other hand, isn't susceptible to corrosion, so it can be used in its natural state. Galvanized steel has been dipped into a vat of liquid zinc. The zinc or zinc alloys help to make the steel more durable and resistant to rust.

Metal roofing products are formed into different shapes and generally come with interlocking panels. This design helps to make their installation easy. Standing seam metal panels come in sheets of painted steel.

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They have vertical seams and a simplicity that won't be suitable for all types of homes. Generally, standing seam metal roofs are seen commercially, but their simpleness makes them a great choice for a summer cabin. A flat roof would also benefit from this simple style.

For those who are looking for more flair, metal shingles might be a better option. Quite different from simple metal roofing panels, the metal is formed into shapes that imitate traditional roofing options such as slate or wood shakes. The shingles even come in shapes that look like Spanish clay tiles. Manufacturers add special touches to the finished designs such as granulated top coats, metal texturing or layering the finish, which give them a more realistic look from a distance.

Some of these replications are produced in long panels to make the installation process go quicker, but they can also come in individual shingles that have to be applied one at a time. Unlike other metal roofing options, the individual shingles require experienced roofers to tear off the old roof, so they can be installed using a perfectly level deck. Homeowners need to keep that in mind when choosing the best style for their home.

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