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Over time, it's possible for the home's roof to start looking a little dirty. There could be moss or algae growing in shady areas or just a few streaks of dirt here and there. In other words, it's just not looking its best. Most homeowners feel that cleaning the roof is something they can probably handle on their own rather than calling in a Silver Spring roofing company, but it's important to know what can and cannot be done. In some cases, it's a better ideal to call in professionals.

Surprisingly, the worst thing a homeowner could do to clean a roof with asphalt shingles is to power wash it. This seems like a natural solution, so many make this mistake. Unfortunately, the spray from a power washer is so powerful that it starts to knock off the tiny grains of asphalt on the shingles. This is what protects the roof, so when those pieces go missing, the shingles can't do their job and will need to be replaced sooner.

Instead, it's perfectly acceptable to try and clean off the roof with a hose from the ground. Even at the stronger settings, the typical hose will not spray water strong enough to do any damage.

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However, it should also be noted that it isn't a good idea to spray up at the shingles. Water on a roof is supposed to flow down, but anyone spraying up will risk the possibility of the water going underneath the shingles and damaging the roof from there.

When there are large chunks of moss growing on the roof, the best thing to do is to scrape them off and scrub by hand. They should easily come off with a gardening trowel. After removal, spraying the area with a fungicide can prevent more from growing back. Of course, it can be dangerous to walk on the roof without proper training. If the moss is growing high enough to warrant walking to clean it off, it can be smart to hire professional roofing contractors to remove it.

Black streaks are typically caused by algae, which will likely need to be killed in order to remove it. Killing the algae requires the use of specialized chemicals, which can often be found at home improvement stores. This is also a job that a roofing company can handle, though.

A dirty roof can negatively affect the home's curb appeal, so many homeowners want to occasionally get things clean. It's a good idea to get a quote from a qualified company before trying to avoid the dangers that come with a DIY cleaning project.

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