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Silver Spring Roofing professionals realize that the number one job of a roof is to protect a building's occupants and their property from damage caused by elements outdoors. This would include protection from water seepage, rain, snow accumulation, ice dams and other water problems. Ice shields and water shields are roofing underlayment systems designed to protect the roof from water concerns.

In a conventional roof that uses asphalt shingles, a water and ice shield serves to prevent water penetration. The areas around chimneys, vents, skylights, valleys, and any other areas where water may collect is also protected from damage by ice and water shields.

Roofing underlayment is easy to apply. The majority of them are peel and stick membranes that are designed to provide a tight seal around areas that could be problematic. Most are guaranteed to work in extremely high temperatures up to 250°. They are successful in preventing wind driven rain or water that collects behind the ice dam from penetrating into the roof. These membranes are designed to automatically seal around the nails used to fasten shingles and other roofing material to the deck.

Ice and water shields are usually applied to new construction projects, but they are also used on roofing repair and remodel jobs. The homeowner has the option of having this protective layer applied to the entire roof, but in most cases, it is only installed in areas where problems with water penetration normally occur.

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When applying an ice shield, roofing contractors will first make sure that the deck is clean of any nails and debris. Next, they will put down the rubberized asphalt roofing material and roll it over the ease onto the fascia. Finally, they will put a drip edge on top of the underlayment material and then apply shingles over that.

Many homeowners have seen the benefit of installing an ice and water barrier even if it is not required by the local building department. Without a protective barrier, if gutters overflow, they will likely back up into the soffits, which in turn will lead to water damage. Having a protective ice and water shield installed is not expensive. It adds to the integrity of the roofing system.

Installing an ice and water shield can be challenging since the material is large, needs two people to properly place it, and can become slippery to walk on. Additionally, if contractors are not careful, they can easily damage this protective shield.

The roofing system is the most important and expensive system in the home. Homeowners have the responsibility to take every step they can to protect their roof from water damage.

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