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Home comfort is a year round concern for the homeowner, and much of the focus is directed at the heating and cooling equipment. However, the roofing system can make a big difference in how one's HVAC system operates. In fact, these two systems impact each other through both the heating and cooling seasons. Working consistently with a Silver Spring roofing contractor can ensure that the integrity of the roofing system is maintained while also improving the performance of heating and cooling units.

A healthy roofing system allows the living space in a home to remain comfortable for a longer period. Issues such as excessive insulation or blockages of soffit vents can lead to overheating of the roof, which can also lead to higher home temperatures. This can place a greater demand on the cooling system during the summer months, leading to high energy bills. Additionally, this could impact the life expectancy of your home's equipment. An overheated roof during the winter months can create problems with ice melting on the roof and refreezing. An ice dam can allow moisture under the roofing materials, which can then cause blistering.

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In addition to caring for one's heating and cooling equipment, it is important to inspect and service the roofing system regularly. Personal maintenance efforts should occur immediately after storm activity. Wind and rain can affect one's roof by blocking drainage systems, blowing shingles loose, and increasing leaks. It is important to make sure that soffit vents, rain gutters, and downspouts are clear of debris.

A roofing professional can address more intricate maintenance needs each spring and fall. This timing is ideal as there is a lull between the extremes of heat and cold that can most affect the condition of exterior roofing materials. Additionally, a professional can inspect the interior to pinpoint problems with attic insulation and ventilation. In homes that have never had a maintenance inspection, updating the insulation may improve energy efficiency.

A maintenance visit also allows a homeowner to bring specific areas of concern to the attention of a roofing contractor. Minor leaks, for example, could become much worse if they are ignored for a long period of time. As a professional traces a leak, it may be possible to make a small repair that could prevent major damages and loss at a later date. In fact, maintenance is one of the best roofing investments available because it can save energy, time, and money by preserving the system's quality and extending its life.

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