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Usually seen in modern construction projects, flat roofs provide a sleek appearance while protecting the home from damage. They are more predominantly used for commercial buildings, but homeowners can also choose this style for their home. This style of roof has a number of advantages and disadvantages. Homeowners considering a flat roof for a new home may want to weigh their options with a Silver Spring roofing professional prior to deciding.

Flat roofs contain two essential components: the underlayment and the top layer. Homeowners can also choose to add additional layers for extra protection. Usually, the underlayment serves to protect the roofing deck from moisture penetration. A rubber vapor barrier is the best choice. To improve energy efficiency, homeowners can opt to get additional insulation underneath the roof surface. This will help to keep the home at a consistent temperature. The top layer provides the protection the home needs. It can be made from a variety of different materials. The most commonly used material is modified bitumen, but concrete and synthetic rubbers can be used as well.

One of the biggest advantages of this style is that they are easier to maintain, allowing homeowners to prolong the life of the roof. They do require resealing on a regular basis.

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However, they are easy to clean and care for. Because they are flat, they are easier for homeowners to access. Many roofing companies install a ladder on the exterior of the home so that it can be inspected and maintained. They are also versatile and can be placed on virtually any home.

Flat roofs do have some distinct disadvantages, the biggest being the support it requires. The stability of the roof depends largely on the size of the area it is covering. Larger buildings with flat roofs have less stability than smaller buildings. To compensate for this, extra support must be provided inside of the home. If homeowners decide to add a deck on top of the roof, it must be supported from underneath to ensure that it doesn't cause a collapse. Homeowners must also be wary of any debris that may accumulate on the roof. Homes in colder climates will need to pay special attention to snow, as its weight has been known to damage flat roofs.

By understanding their pros and cons, homeowners are better equipped to decide if a flat roof will work for their home and lifestyle. Flat roofs are a viable roofing option that adds a unique appearance to the home. With their added protection and versatility, flat roofs are definitely an option for homeowners to consider.

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