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Silver Spring roofing contractors take many factors into consideration when they estimate a particular project, including surrounding environmental factors. When homes have a close proximity to water, the exterior is constantly affected by high humidity and air conditions. Whether a home has shingles or metal panels, this moist environment must be factored into normal maintenance practices to ensure a long lasting roof installation.

Before any services or treatments are applied to a roof, contractors inspect the materials for any wind damage. Breezes can kick up with incoming storms, making roofing materials vulnerable to cracking and complete breakage. Roofers inspect the materials for any exposed or damaged areas. Shingles can easily curl up in high winds, for example, while nails may loosen from the deck. Proper professional examinations keep the roof from breaking down over time, preventing possible leaks to the interior.

For households with metal roofs, contractors will verify if the surfaces are fortified with embedded alloys. Metals, including zinc, create a strong barrier to moisture damage when coupled with an overall stainless steel construction. Some contractors can even add alloy coatings to help the roof last more than several decades. With the right care, even seaside metal roofs can last around 50 years.

Homeowners have other protective options for their shingles with PVDF coatings.

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Complete with specialized plastics, these coatings are applied across the shingles to form another protective weathering barrier. Along with fighting the salty sea air, these coatings offer sunlight radiation protection. Ultraviolet radiation reflects away from the home, protecting the materials from deterioration and cooling the entire property.

Roofing contractors can remove algae and mildew if these microorganisms find their way onto shingles. The roof may appear dark green, brown or even black in some shaded areas. Contractors must treat these materials carefully to avoid damage to the shingles below. In severe cases, however, it may be necessary to replace shingle sections. Contractors who visit the property frequently will find algae damage before it grows too large, allowing workers to treat the materials and preserve the roofing project with little effort.

From elastomeric coatings to algae treatments, roofs require extra care when they're located near the ocean. Homeowners should prioritize yearly appointments and possibly ask for a service contract. These contracts create a business relationship between the contractor and homeowner, making yearly appointments part of basic services. Contractors may even visit more often to verify that roof materials are holding up against the weathering elements.

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