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Butterfly roofs are a beautiful alternative to traditional roofing styles. While they are predominantly used on commercial buildings, many homes use this style due to its unique beauty. They provide a modern aesthetic that is desired by many. Homeowners can get a butterfly roof for their home through a Silver Spring roofing company. Homeowners should learn about the advantages and possible risks of having this roof and discuss the options with a professional.

These roofs are made from two separate roof planes, much like a traditional gable roof. However, these roofs are angles upwards, creating a valley at the transition. They are basically the opposite of gable roof. The angle of the roof can vary based on the design. It isn't created to make water run off like a traditional roof. Instead, it is created to provide a specific visual look. A water drainage system must be created to ensure that the home is protected from water damage.

While many would think that the valley between the roofs is purely a design choice, it actually serves an environmentally friendly service. The valley acts as a reservoir for water. As it rains, the water collects in this valley for later transportation to a container.

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This makes butterfly roofs a great choice for dry climates. Another advantage is the roof's effect on the entire home. Because of the nature of the design, the home must have tall walls on either side of the roof. This provides the opportunity for homeowners to have over sized windows, which provide natural light that will illuminate the entire home.

Despite its beauty, these roofs are known to have an issue with water drainage. In areas of heavy rainfall, the reservoir must be emptied to ensure that water doesn't penetrate the home. An accumulation of water will add significant weight. This could affect the drainage system and puts stress on the supporting beams. Neglecting to address the issue will eventually lead to cracks. Water can then enter the home and damage structural components. Homeowners must keep an eye out on the roof during heavy rains and empty the reservoir so that the roof continues to protect the home adequately.

With proper care and maintenance, a butterfly roof can have the durability and protection a homeowner would expect. These roofs are mainly installed for their appearance. They provide a breathtaking aesthetic that improves a home's overall curb appeal. Homeowners should talk with a professional to determine if a butterfly roof is the right choice for their new home.

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