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Silver Spring Roofing: Article About Avoiding Roofing Warranty Voids

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Regardless of the roofing material, most manufacturers offer a form of limited warranty for their products. Homeowners may not be familiar with these warranties and what they cover or exclude. Once a Silver Spring roofing professional completes a proper installation, it's the homeowner's responsibility to follow the warranty guidelines and avoid it being voided. When a warranty is voided, there is generally no recourse for homeowners if a defect or repair issue arises.

Homeowners shouldn't be tempted to walk on the roof. Although there may just be a small issue, walking on the roof for even a few feet normally voids a warranty. The manufacturer must know that qualified individuals are traversing the roof carefully to avoid any damage to the shingles. Contact the roof installer if an issue arises in order to be in compliance with the warranty.

A new roof is a substantial investment, so many homeowners want to keep it as pristine as possible. Debris from nearby trees or dirt can accumulate across the surface. Homeowners should not wash the roof down with a pressure washer. These tools use extremely strong water pressure that can damage shingles.

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If the stream isn't precisely angled, water could potentially wash right underneath shingles. When a cleaning job is warranted, professionals can perform the service without any harm to roofing materials.

Adding a new skylight or bathroom exhaust pipe are both renovations requiring roof penetrations. Skylight frames and pipes within roofs must be properly designed and installed to protect the shingles' warranty. If any roof penetration project is pending, contact a roofing professional to have the work completed. They'll be able to prepare, install and detail the penetration with quality roofing alterations, keeping the warranty intact. Preferably, hire the same contractor that installed the roof.

Manufacturers' warranties aren't valid with any installation or repair unless a contractor is licensed. Before hiring any roofer, verify their license is current within their state of residence. Current licenses provide evidence the contractor has the training necessary to install roofing materials. Shingle manufacturers can trust their products are being installed according to strict instructions in those cases.

If there is ever confusion with a warranty contract, homeowners should confer with a professional about their needs. Roofers are familiar with almost all warranty types, allowing the homeowner to put their trust in the professional's translation of the terms. Homeowners should have their warranty for as long as the manufacturer allows.

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