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When it comes to replacing a residential roof, most homeowners want a roof that will last for decades and require little maintenance while adding to the home's aesthetic beauty. Wood shingles and shakes are incredibly durable, resistant to severe weather and energy efficient. However, like Rockville roofing professionals will tell you, homeowners should thoroughly research it before making the decision to install it.

Wood shingles and shakes in the U.S. are typically constructed out of Western Red Cedar from California, which is an exceptionally durable wood product. Western Red Cedar is resistant to rot and decay, and it repels insects, which means they are unlikely to make a nest in the shingles.

Cedar is energy efficient and environmentally sustainable. As cedar trees are cut down to manufacture cedar shakes, more trees can be planted. Cedar is also an natural, biodegradable product, and it does not generate greenhouse gasses.

Cedar shakes and shingles are good for both insulating and ventilating the attic. When an attic is properly insulated, it does not experience extreme temperature differences and can help lower the home's heating and cooling bills. Cedar's ventilation properties can help reduce the buildup of harmful indoor toxins and help dissipate moisture.

Cedar shingles can be easily power washed.

A roofing expert from Seneca Creek Home Improvement of Rockville MD would be happy to answer any question you have about doors or windows.

Stains and pigments can be added to wood shingles to give them a more finished look, and waterproofing and fireproofing chemicals can be added to the shingles or shakes to make them more durable.

While cedar shakes and shingles can add curb appeal and beauty to a home, there are a few drawbacks. Cedar shakes and shingles are not naturally fire resistant and should not be used on houses in areas that are prone to wildfires. Without a fireproof coating, wood shakes can ignite when exposed to objects that are 378 degrees Fahrenheit. By contrast, a campfire burns at around 900 degrees, and a cigarette averages 500 degrees. Therefore, it is important to use a component based roofing system and install shingles that are rated Class A or B for fires.

Wood shingles and shakes are more costly to install than other types of roofing materials. This is because the material costs more, and they require special knowledge and skill to install.

Shingles and shakes that are constructed out of wood must be regularly inspected and repaired. While the whole roof is unlikely to fail at any one time, external roofing components and shingles can become damaged.

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