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The cost of replacing a new roof may seem daunting to some homeowners, and even those with insurance policies may find that they're responsible for a portion of the cost of that roof. Contractors will generally do whatever possible to repair the roof before recommending a replacement, but there is only so much they can do if a roof is in need of major repair. While some homeowners may think that a few leaks in the ceiling indicates a serious problem, this might not mean the whole roof needs replacing. Looking at the warning signs that a roof needs replacement is the first step homeowners should take before contacting a Rockville roofing company.

One thing to consider is the age of the roof. Asphalt shingles generally only last for 25 years, and while other types of shingles may last longer, the underlayment beneath the shingles might only last for a period of 10 years. If homeowners notice any of the common warning signs and have an older roof, it might be time to get some help. Just because a roof is old, it doesn't necessarily mean that it needs replacing, however.

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A common sign that a roof is beyond repair is when it shows signs of damage and wear and tear to both the foundation and flashing. The flashing acts as a waterproof barrier that keeps water from reaching the chimney, vents and other parts of the roof. Some older homes feature tar paper beneath the flashing, which is susceptible to water damage.

The foundation of the roof acts as a support that keeps the roof in good shape. Older homes often have a wood support system that can rot away over time. This can cause shingles to slide off the roof and lead to sagging. Newer homes may feature a steel girder system that is stronger than ordinary wood. If the home used steel in its construction, it generally will not require a completely new roof. Contractors can reuse the existing support system while making repairs, which may save the homeowner money.

Roofs that use asphalt shingles may show signs of issues in the attached gutter system. The granule coating added to the surface of the shingles can flake or wear off and eventually land in the gutters. This flaking is an indicator that the majority of shingles on a roof need to be replaced.

Another consideration is any visible light coming through the roof. This may indicate that there are holes in the support system and underlayment that will need replacing.

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