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Weather and climate can affect the materials of a home's roof, making it possible to experience roofing damage over time. While a roofing system can last from 10 to 50 years based on the materials installed, it is important to pay close attention to weather damage so that problems can be kept to a minimum. One way to observe roofing conditions on a regular basis is to schedule regular maintenance with a Rockville roofing contractor. With seasonal maintenance during the spring and fall months, it is possible to identify those small flaws before they create big problems.

A common "do it yourself" fix that homeowners will use for minor leaks in the home, including the roofing system, is caulk. While caulk is an ideal material for filling in cracks at windows, it is not recommended for roofing repairs except in the case of very small holes. Homeowners may be tempted to seal large areas of a roof with caulk to avoid having to contact a roofing company for assistance after a major water leak is identified. However, some sealants can cause the deterioration of materials underneath. Caulk can become dry and brittle in just a couple of years, rendering any underlying repairs inadequate.

Better weather protection for the roofing system is proper installation and repairs with the correct placement of shingles and flashing.

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Flashing protects against water infiltration without creating future shrinkage and damage issues. With regular maintenance, leak evidence in the attic and other areas can be detected so that prompt attention can be given to damaged areas.

Areas with high levels of sunshine can experience faster wear of some roofing materials. While cement tiles may last for half a century or longer in spite of extreme sunshine, shingles can dry out and crack over time. It is important to plan for this type of wear, realizing that a roofing upgrade will be required eventually. At the same time, it is helpful to have spare shingles for future repairs so that a mechanical fix can be accomplished without major incompatibility in visual and material features.

Wind is one of the most serious weather issues for a roofing system, especially during hurricane season, as high winds are possible. Even in areas that are not particularly close to the coast, winds can be a significant issue as a storm moves inland. Seasonal maintenance is one of the best defenses against wind damage. A professional roofing inspector can identify damaged or loose shingles, making repairs or replacements prior to the onset of a windy season.

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