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Homeowners may stick a bucket under a slow drip coming through the ceiling and not worry about it until the next rainstorm. However, if a leak isn't repaired, it can expand and eventually, part of the ceiling could come down. A minor leak can do some serious damage to both the roof and ceiling of a home. As the moisture keeps dripping through the ceiling, it eventually weakens the drywall and leads to a section of the ceiling falling down. Even if the ceiling remains in place, there is a good chance that the moisture will lead to mildew or mold. Rockville roofing companies handle a variety of different roofing repair jobs every day, and homeowners can learn more about those repairs before calling for help.

Though contractors can handle many different jobs, they often find themselves called to sites because of leaks. After tracing the leak back to its source, they often discover that missing shingles are to blame. Hurricanes strike Florida regularly, and those storms often bring high winds that have enough power to take down even the strongest of shingles. This exposes the underlayment and roof truss.

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Standing water on the surface of the underlayment can eventually break through that waterproof barrier and cause a leak.

Rockville is home to a number of different roof types, but many of those roofs feature slopes and angles that do a good job of diffusing some of the high winds experienced in the city. Commercial buildings often feature flat roofs or roofs that have a slight rise. The wind can move right over that roof and tear off the gutters, downspouts and shingles as it goes. Contractors often take on jobs that require the replacement of roofing shingles or tiles caused by storm damage.

Property owners may also find themselves dealing with a roof that needs a complete replacement. This often occurs because of damage to the roof truss and the other support structures underneath the roof. Roof trusses made of plywood and other types of wood are susceptible to termite damage, rotting and mold. Some homeowners don't even realize how bad the problem is until they hire someone to inspect the property.

Homeowners should also call for help if they notice that some of the roof's shingles look darker or lighter than the surrounding shingles. Discoloration may indicate that the fiberglass or asphalt shingles lost their protective outer coating and need replacing.

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