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Gutter systems are vastly improved by the installation of gutter guards. Created by a number of different manufacturers, these guards keep water moving through the gutters and keep clogs from forming. Rockville roofing companies and contractors understand the differences between different types of guards and can help homeowners find one that works best for their roof and gutter systems.

One thing homeowners need to look at is the difference between a gutter cover and a gutter screen. A gutter screen is a lightweight piece of mesh screen that covers the top of the gutter. Once installed, it lets water move through the screen while blocking out any debris larger than the holes in the screen. When shopping for one of these devices, shoppers should look closely at the holes in the screen. Smaller holes may prevent water from getting through, and larger holes can let trash through. A gutter cover may provide more help than a screen does. The cover fits directly onto the gutter and blocks both smaller and larger pieces of debris.

As gutters come in different styles, it's important that homeowners choose a guard that works effectively with their systems.

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Box gutters may already have a gutter hood in place and may not work with one of these covers. These systems will work with a screen. Continuous gutters often lack any type of covering and can support many of the more popular guards.

Guards feature different types of materials, including mesh, foam and nylon. Mesh is usually the least expensive, but the material cannot hold up to constant use and will likely need replacing after a few years. Nylon is the best choice for use during winter. As the material won't expand or contract, it holds up well when exposed to snow and ice. Foam guards are stronger than mesh but not as strong as nylon; foam guards are a little more affordable than nylon.

Homeowners may also want to consider bottlebrush guards. These guards feature a series of thick and durable brushes that sit inside the gutters. Those brushes grab and hold onto any debris and keeps pushing the water through the gutters. Another option is a reverse curve guard. This type of guard sits on top of the gutter and has a unique sloped design. It allows water to hit the slope and land into the gutter, but it also pushes leaves and other debris off the gutters and onto the yard below. Professional installation ensures each of these guards works correctly.

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