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Rockville Roofing: Article About The Importance Of Gutters On Roofs

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Many of the basic repairs that Rockville roofing companies are called out to perform occur due to a lack of gutter maintenance and because homeowners did not recognize the role that gutters play in their roofing systems. Homeowners tend to think of their gutters in terms of moving water away from the foundation, which is important, but a gutter system is also a crucial aspect of a roofing system.

It is important to recognize that gutter systems are designed to funnel water off a roof as quickly and efficiently as possible. When that does not happen and backup or entrapment occurs, then the roofing system is compromised. The compromise may be minor at first, but roof issues, no matter how minor, can become progressively worse.

Homeowners should also recognize that there is no one size fits all gutter system, and the ideal gutter system is designed specifically around the unique characteristics of a home's roof. In other words, if water is not channeling off a roof entirely and in a quick and efficient manner, homeowners should call in a roofing professional to inspect the situation.

Soffits and fascia are two integral aspects of a roof overhang on a home. These components are integral for many reasons, but in the context of gutters, there are two of particular note.

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These are areas of the roof where the gutter system is usually attached. They are also areas that typically have less protection than the rest of the roof but can cause substantial damage if they become compromised. If a gutter system is not working properly, water backs up, and soffits and fascia rot very quickly.

This is the reason why so many professional roofers recommend gutter guards. Guards prevent gutters and downspouts from clogging, and the flow of water into the gutter usually has enough force to move any natural debris off the house before it becomes an issue. Homes with gutter guards are much less likely to experience rotting of a fascia board or soffit.

Homeowners should recognize that proper gutter maintenance is as important to their roofing system as it is their foundation system. Gutters must be cleaned regularly, and if gutters tend to fill quickly, then gutter guards are a sound investment. Homeowners should notice fascia boards and soffits when performing routine inspections of the roof, and it is a good idea to clean and paint gutters regularly in order to avoid damage that could extend to the roof.

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