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Home builders have myriad choices on how best to personalize their homes, from exterior siding finishes to the interior layout. One potential part of the build that can be customized, but that is sometimes overlooked, is the roofing style that the home will have. Roofing styles have evolved over time and are a reflection of not only the overall look of the home but the intended function of the uppermost floor. Selecting an atypical roofing design may cost more than a typical roofing structure but will also add beauty and may increase the property's overall value. A qualified Rockville roofing professional can help interested home builders make a selection that reflects their style and fits their budget.

Gabled roofs are by far the most popular style of roof in America today, and they offer homeowners many advantages. The inverted V shape generally creates a steep pitch that provides an ideal surface for water runoff. They have ample space for vaulted ceilings or storage in an attic. They are simple to build and are the standard for pricing roofing systems.

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A simple gabled roof can be built with little waste and is appropriate for the most popular roofing materials, like asphalt shingles, wood shakes or metal. The disadvantage is that high winds may damage the roofing materials.

Hip roofs are also quite popular but are more complicated to build than gabled roofs. They often have a gentle slope but are pitched on all four sides up toward the peak. They can be enhanced with dormers or other features though they are quite attractive on their own. Just about any roofing material will complement the shape. The usable space in the uppermost floor depends on the slope of the roof.

Mansard roofs are variation on the hip style. A Mansard has an almost vertical pitch for a short span but then flattens out at the top. It is an elegant roof that often includes dormers as decorative features. Mansards provide ample space on the uppermost floor that can be used as living space. They are often more difficult to construct than a gabled roof. They are best suited to tile, slate, metal or wood roofing materials as asphalt is not rigid enough to stay on well. A little research can give home builders a wealth of options regarding roofing styles, and a roofing professional may be able to recommend one that is the perfect fit for their style and budget.

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