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Rockville Roofing: Article About Pros and Cons Of Tile Roofs

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Commonly found on Spanish and Mediterranean style homes in the United States, tile is a durable and dependable roofing material that comes in a range of different shapes and styles. Homeowners should know that there are some pros and cons associated with the material, and they need to weigh those concepts carefully before settling on tile for their homes.

One of the first aspects of tile that may confuse homeowners is that shingle tiles come in different varieties. The most common type is a flat shingle. As the name implies, these shingles are completely flat. Roman tiles are an alternative to traditional ceramic tiles. Those looking for a roof that has more texture and more dimension often prefer the look of Roman tiles. Other types have curved edges, come in rounded shapes and range from a soft brown color to an intense and fiery red shade.

The biggest advantage of clay tiles is that these tiles last longer than almost any other type of shingle. Rockville roofing professionals generally agree that the tiles will last for 50 years, but there are homes in the Southwest that have shingles that are 75 to 100 years old. Many also love that tile is fireproof. If a fire breaks out in the home, those flames won't spread across the roof like they would if the home featured wood or asphalt shingles.

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Those who live in areas where an insect infestation is likely will also find that tile is a good choice. The tile will not break or fray in the way other shingles do, which means those insects cannot feed on the roof. Another pro of choosing tile shingles is that the shingles are resistant to many types of environmental hazards and will not mold or rot.

Though it's important to look at the advantages of tile shingles, it's equally important to examine the cons. Two of the largest disadvantages is that the tiles are more expensive and more susceptible to damage. As ceramic tiles are fragile in comparison to other shingles, the tiles can break during high winds and minor storms, and some homeowners find that the tile breaks when performing routine maintenance. It can cost a few hundred dollars to install even a small square footage of these tiles, which will leave some looking for more affordable alternatives. Homeowners should also keep in mind that tile shingles usually require more maintenance than other types of shingles.

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