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Rockville Roofing: Article About Pros and Cons Of Metal Roofs

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Used for decades in the United States, metal is one of the oldest roofing materials in existence. Often found on homes with a saltbox roof, which has a steep pitch and a small room on the back, metal roofs have made a comeback in recent years and now appear on both older and more modern homes. While a Rockville roofing company can install a metal roof, contractors working for those companies encourage homeowners to look at all advantages and disadvantages first.

Those looking for a roof that will last nearly as long as their home does will find no better material than metal. With proper installation and care, the roof can last for decades and even up to 100 years. These roofs feature long sheets of metal that contractors cut and attach to the roof. In comparison, a metal shingle roof uses individual shingles. Though those roofs have a nice look, the shingles generally won't last as long as the panels do.

Fire resistance and heat conductivity are two other benefits of metal roofs. The metal has a high fire rating, which means it does a better job of resisting fires than most other materials. Metal can actually keep a fire from the yard from reaching the home or stop an interior fire from getting out and spreading further.

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In addition, because metal is a heat conductor, these roofs do a good job of trapping warm air inside the house and keeping the air from escaping, which can help homeowners reduce their energy bills.

Despite some great benefits, there are a few downsides to metal roofs. Many find that they dislike how loud noises sound. The roof magnifies everything from water hitting the roof to animals running across the top, which can annoy residents. There is also an issue with maintenance. The color of the metal can fade from exposure to the sun, and dents often form in the metal due to rain, hail and ice hitting the roof.

Those looking for something more affordable may find that a metal roof won't fit with their budgets. It costs more per square foot than almost any other roofing shingle or material. Homeowners should keep in mind that because metal lasts longer than traditional shingles, the homeowners may save money paying more for materials up front. The cost of replacing other shingles such as asphalt every decade or so might make metal more affordable in the long run.

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