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The purpose of a roof is to protect the home from the outside elements, but it has to be free of damage to achieve this. Homeowners can have their roofs checked for damage through professional inspections. The purpose of having roofs inspected by Rockville roofing experts is threefold: it determines if any repairs are needed, provides an estimated life expectancy and allows homeowners to obtain certificates of inspection. These certificates usually last between two and five years depending on the location of a home, and they can be helpful if homeowners decide to sell.

When homeowners buy a new property, they shouldn't expect the inspectors to thoroughly check the roof. This job is best handled by professional roofers who are specifically trained in the roofing industry. Homeowners also shouldn't try to do their own roof inspections because they don't know the proper warning signs to look for. Also, walking around on the roof is dangerous and can cause even more damage.

In total, there are four occasions in which a roof should be inspected. The first is after a new roof is installed to ensure that it was installed correctly and meets all the building codes in the area.

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Roofs should also be inspected after a major storm such as a hurricane or a hailstorm. These types of storms can cause major damage and lead to leaks if the roof isn't properly repaired.

Inspections are also recommended just before a homeowner sells a home or buys a new one. This allows purchasers to get any major problems fixed by the owners who are currently living in the house. Homeowners should also have their roofs inspected as part of preventive maintenance to catch small problems before they worsen. Homeowners should typically do this about two times a year.

During a roof inspection, roofers go through a very detailed checklist to accurately complete the assessment. The first thing that they look for is damaged roofing material to see if any of the covering is loose, missing, torn or curling. During this time, they will also check the seals around exterior roofing structures and other fixtures. This includes looking for lost granules on asphalt shingles, cracked seals around vents and damaged flashing.

After inspecting roofs, the professionals will give homeowners recommendations based on their findings. These recommendations may be to fix the problems or to replace the entire roof. It is usually only recommended that homeowners replace their roof if it has outlived its life expectancy or if it's going to cost too much to simply fix it.

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