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With a warm, humid climate that regularly sees more than 40 inches of rain per year, mold and mildew growth is all too common a problem for homeowners in Maryland. The development of mold only requires three basic ingredients: excess moisture, oxygen and an organic surface on which to grow. A water leak is the most common moisture source, either from plumbing fixtures or a leaky roof, but in humid weather, the air itself can provide adequate moisture if not dehumidified or properly ventilated.

The development of mold may not appear to be cause for concern, but studies have suggested that certain strains of mold in the home can lead to a range of health problems for occupants. Some molds even produce and release mycotoxins, which can be very dangerous to both humans and pets. Rockville roofing professionals are experts in identifying roof issues that contribute to leaks and as a result, mold issues. Quality, professional roofers have the skills and equipment necessary to tackle repairs that could result in a mold problem.

Of course, mold first needs to be identified before it can be treated. The simplest way for a homeowner to identify mold is to spot it visually. Mold can come in a wide variety of colors, but it is frequently white, green, yellow or brown. It often has a fuzzy appearance and may appear in small patches at first, but more advanced growth can become much larger in size.

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Mildew is a very similar type of fungus, but it tends to have a flat, filmy appearance that is often initially mistaken for dirt or dust.

Unfortunately, mold can also grow in areas that are hidden or not easily accessible for the homeowner. Common locations include the backside of paneling, wallpaper or drywall, inside wet or damp insulation, underneath carpet padding or on the surface of structures underneath a leaking roof. A telltale sign of hidden mold is the distinctly dank, musty smell it produces, which is often the first sign of a mold problem that may be serious.

The development of mold generally also indicates a deeper problem, since the mold will not grow unless excess moisture is present. This could be an unnoticed water or roof leak, an issue with high humidity inside the home or even past water damage that was not properly treated by a previous owner. No matter the cause, simply cleaning up the mold growth is not enough. Proper mold remediation involves finding and correcting the source of the problem in addition to treating the mold itself. This can be very difficult or even dangerous for a homeowner to do themselves, so it's best left to a professional mold remediation service.

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