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Victorian architecture is often revered because of the intricate details incorporated into the design. They are also built with great craftsmanship, ensuring that the building lasts as long as possible. A staple of Victorian homes is the mansard roof. Homeowners yearning for a home with a vintage touch can get a roof of this style. A skilled Rockville roofing company can provide homeowners with a modern mansard roof for their new home. This roofing style has a number of different advantages. Homeowners should understand what having a roof like this entails before committing to one.

Mansard roofs can be as intricate or as simple as a homeowner desires. A fully adorned roof can contain a slew of decorative elements. The basic design contains two different slope levels. The lower section of the roof is steep while the upper portion is only slightly sloped. The upper portion is only sloped enough to provide adequate drainage. Much like a hip roof, there are no vertical walls. Instead, there are eight panes of roofing used to create the final product.

The biggest advantage that mansard roofs have is their extra space. This space can be used as an attic or additional bedrooms. The nearly flat upper portion provides adequate headroom, providing room to walk around comfortably.

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Homeowners can add dormers throughout the roof to further take advantage of the extra room. Should a homeowner want to build an addition, these roofs can easily accommodate extra floors. Mansard roofs are also fairly easy to maintain. Usually, thin shingles are used to cover the roof. They are easy to replace, allowing homeowners to keep their roof in top condition.

The only real disadvantage that mansard roofs have is that they are prone to damage from snow or debris. The flat roof can easily accumulate debris, adding pressure to the structural supports. In colder climates, snow can quickly cause the roof to collapse. Homeowners need to ensure that the roof is free of any debris that can weigh it down to avoid costly repairs.

Mansard roofs aren't as uncommon as most people might think. Many commercial buildings use mansard roofs. However, these roofs usually don't have the flair that traditional mansard roofs are known for. With the help of a professional, homeowners can build a mansard roof with the character they are looking for. Not only will it look great, but it'll keep the home safe for many years to come.

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