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When a roof begins to leak, it's not a minor problem. Leaks can cause a large amount of damage if not taken care of quickly. While homeowners might be able to put off roof repairs for a couple of months in a warm, sunny climate, ignoring a damaged roof in wet areas of the country will only lead to larger repair bills later on. Leaks won't go away. In fact, what starts out as a simple repair job for a Rockville roofing company can end up with homeowners having to replace the entire roof.

Roof problems don't always manifest as water dripping from the ceiling when it rains. Stains on the ceiling or walls, peeling paint, and the smell of mildew or mold should always be investigated by a professional roofer. Stains on the roof itself can also indicate a problem. What looks like dirt from the ground can actually be algae or mold. Icicles hanging from the eaves after a snowstorm usually indicate ice dams. However, many roof problems cannot be seen by the homeowner. It takes an expert climbing onto the roof to check out the roof's integrity.

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The wetter the climate, the more important it is to have the roof checked regularly for any potential issues. The sooner a problem is caught and repaired, the less likely the damage will require an entire roof replacement. Roof replacement costs can be expensive, especially when the issue begins as clogged gutters or a few missing shingles that could be easily corrected.

For example, mold or mildew becomes extremely problematic if it spreads into the attic's insulation or it begins to disintegrate the shingles. Wetness not dealt with in a timely manner can also cause the rafters and other wooden structures of the roof to rot. The attic can be severely damaged when mold or leaks are not repaired. Flashing problems, cracked chimney crowns, curled shingles or a pile of moldy leaves tucked into a valley can all be taken care of quickly and easily.

Lack of proper maintenance is one of the biggest sources of severe roofing problems. Keeping the roof in good repair will greatly lengthen the life of the roof, and the same goes for the gutters and downspouts. Keeping the gutter clear, clean and in working order is as important as maintaining the roof. Since gutters funnel water away from the shingles and eaves, having the gutters inspected along with the roof is vital for the health of both roof and gutter.

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