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A home's roof is its best defense against the elements and must be kept in good repair in order to function effectively. Often, by the time water spots are seen on the ceiling, the damage has become fairly extensive. Keeping an eye out for warning signs can help homeowners spot trouble before it becomes a major expense. A certified Rockville roofing professional can assist property owners in keeping the roof in excellent repair, but taking the time to visually inspect the roofing system periodically can save significant time and money.

There are a number of warning signs that the roofing system is failing. In warm, humid climates, algae and mold may appear on the shingles. While algae and mold alone won't necessarily harm the roofing system, it can be a sign of excessive moisture and should be checked by a professional.

Buckling shingles are an indicator that the underlayment may have been improperly applied, or that the decking has shifted. Either situation can allow moisture in and damage the structure.

Curling shingles can indicate that water has seeped under the shingles or that the attic space is very hot. Either condition is trouble for the integrity of the roofing system.

Damaged flashing on a new roof could be an indicator that it was installed incorrectly. On an old roof, wear and tear is the likely culprit. It may be possible to simply replace the flashing rather than the entire roof, particularly if the damage is caught early.

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A buildup of granules in the gutters is an indication that the shingles are wearing out and will need to be replaced in the near future. Some granule buildup is normal, especially after the initial installation.

While it may seem that adequate attic ventilation is more helpful for the HVAC system, an improperly vented attic can affect the roofing system too. Hot air trapped in the attic can bake the shingles and lessen the life of the product.

Missing shingles can be caused by a number of situations. High winds, animals on the roof or a damaged sealant strip may be the root of the problem. Missing shingles leave openings for other damage from weather and animals to occur.

Roof rot is caused by moisture in the underlayment and is more common with organic shingles like wood. The extent of the damage may indicate the need for a whole new roof or for part of the roof to be replaced.

The best way for property owners to avoid costly damages is to have their roof inspected by certified professional on an annual basis. Contractors who are certified installers with the major roofing manufacturers generally provide this service on a contractual basis so that the warranty stays in force.

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