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Vinyl siding is the most commonly placed type of home siding, and anyone who has owned a home with vinyl can attest to its ease of installation, maintenance and repair. Homeowners who aren't quite sure if vinyl is right for their home should consult with local Rockville roofing professionals. Knowing the ins and outs of vinyl can help educate them before they talk to their contractor.

It's said that 32 percent of home siding customers chose vinyl siding for their homes. There are quite a few reasons for its popularity, but its affordability is a major factor. Middle of the road vinyl is very affordable in most regions of the country while wood siding can be almost double the cost of mid grade vinyl. Experts also say that installing new vinyl on a house is one of the best ways to get a decent return on investment.

Vinyl is also very low maintenance, which is probably the biggest reason why its sales are on the rise. Wood siding requires painting and treatment to protect it against wood rot while aluminum siding tends to rust if it isn't cared for properly. Vinyl siding rarely needs painting, and it doesn't chip or flake. With advancing technology, more manufacturers are increasing the availability of darker colors with better color retention.

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Fading used to be a common complaint with darker colors, so most manufacturers now apply a special coating to their product to prevent the sun from bleaching the vinyl.

While it is considered low maintenance when compared to its wood counterparts, vinyl does still need to be washed semi regularly. Thankfully, this cleaning process is quite easy and only needs to be done about twice a year in most regions. Vinyl isn't immune to dirt buildup or mold and mildew growth, so homeowners should take regular action to either remove these grimy layers or prevent them from getting out of hand. Many sources recommend using a power washer to speed up the cleaning process, but these devices can actually drive water behind the panels and cause a host of other problems. Instead, a gentle wash of water and vinegar at a 70/30 ratio, a stiff bristled brush and a hose are all that are needed to get the siding sparkling again.

Vinyl is an affordable and easily installed option for many homes. No matter the climate, vinyl is a great choice that will not only protect the home but give it a facelift as well.

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