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One thing homeowners do not look forward to after a long winter is cleaning their gutters. This usually involves getting the garden hose, finding a brush or rake, climbing on the ladder and spending long hours struggling to reach all the debris trapped inside. As winter brings freezing temperatures, rain and melting snow can turn to ice. Once the ice melts, all the clutter and garbage trapped in the ice starts moving through the gutters and forming blocks and clogs. Gutter guards are a great way to stop those clogs, and any Rockville roofing company can install those guards.

Unless homeowners want to spend hours cleaning their gutters a few times a year, the trash that accumulates in the gutters causes clogs. Those clogs immediately stop the flow of water. As the water needs somewhere to go, it usually goes right over the sides of the gutter. Instead of moving into the downspouts and out onto the lawn, the water drips down onto the base of the house and spills over onto the roof. Those who want to keep continuous gutters and other types of gutter systems working effectively will want to install a few guards.

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The more debris builds up, the more pressure it puts on the entire system. That pressure can change the way the gutters connect to the downspouts, eventually causing the downspouts to come away from the house. Any water that makes it through the gutters will fall right out of the open space on the end, which can lead to mold and mildew on the home itself.

Gutter guards are one of the best ways to protect that system and prevent clogs. As the guards do not sit inside the gutters but rather on top, the guards block out everything from animals to garbage blown on the wind. Some guards feature a simple design that makes it easy to clean the gutters. Homeowners can simply flip up the piece, wipe off the debris and drop the guard back in place.

Though some animals may still try to nest near the roof, most guard kits come with a brush that users can swipe across the guard to scare away those animals. This keeps squirrels, mice, birds and other animals from building nests on the gutters and from causing damage to the roof. While there are a few different types of guards on the market, contractors have experience determining which ones will work best on different gutter systems.

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