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Rockville Roofing: Article About Avoiding Roof Warranty Pitfalls

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In the scurry to coordinate a roof replacement, many homeowners forget to consider one of the most important elements of a roofing system: its warranty. Warranties can protect a homeowner's roof investment and provide peace of mind, but only if homeowners are diligent about following the requirements laid out in the warranty.

Selecting a quality Rockville roofing contractor is the first step to accessing the best roof manufacturer warranties. Most roof manufacturers rate local roofing contractors according to the roofer's abilities and provide warranties that reflect that confidence in the roofer. Leading roof manufacturer GAF, for example, provides better warranties for roofs installed by roofers the company has rated as "Master Elite."

Once a roofer is chosen, the roof is installed, and the roofing contractor hands off the manufacturer's warranty, it's time for the homeowner to follow up. Some warranties may need to be registered with the roof manufacturer, and failing to do so may void the warranty.

Homeowners should read the warranty carefully and clarify any questions, keeping in mind that not all materials are warrantied equally.

A roofing expert from Seneca Creek Home Improvement of Rockville MD would be happy to answer any question you have about windows or siding.

For instance, shingles may have complete coverage for 25 years, but if the felt underlayer is guaranteed for less time and causes the entire roof system to fail, then the shingle warranty may be void. Knowing exactly what is covered can help homeowners watch for costly potential problems.

Do-it-yourself repairs may void warranties completely. Most manufacturer warranties require that roof repairs be performed only by roofers who have earned the manufacturer's approval, so if a homeowner spots a shingle that needs replacement, it's best to call in a factory-approved roofer to handle the job.

Pro-rating can also affect the amount of coverage a homeowner receives. Many factory warranties over full coverage for the first few years of the roof's life with coverage declining progressively as the years go on. One way to avoid this dwindling coverage is to choose a roof style that offers a lifetime, no-dollar-limit warranty option.

Regular maintenance by an experienced, reliable roofer is key to keeping most warranties valid. Many roof manufacturer warranties require routine maintenance, and skipping a year or two may nullify the warranty. Once the roof is installed, it's easiest to schedule a maintenance check for the following year while the issue is on the mind already.

Leaks should be reported to the manufacturer immediately. Warranties often require that homeowners notify the factory within 30 days of the discovery of a leak. Failure to do this within the prescribed time frame can void the warranty.

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