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There are many styles of roof materials for a homeowner to choose from when looking to install a new roof. However, there are certain factors many homeowners must keep in mind. These include the cost of the roof materials, the cost of the installation and the variety of patterns and colors available. Because asphalt shingles have a number of distinct advantages over other types of roofing material, they are often the most popular choice for homeowners who must install a new roof. An experienced Rockville roofing contractor can inspect the roof structure and help a homeowner determine if asphalt shingles meet their needs.

Most homeowners chose asphalt shingles because they have a low upfront cost. While asphalt shingles have a lifespan of approximately 12 to 15 years, the roof is also on the less expensive side to maintain. Individual shingles that become cracked or broken can be replaced as needed at a low cost. When the life of the shingles comes to an end, it is relatively inexpensive to have the shingles removed and replaced.

Asphalt shingles are one of the easiest roofing materials to install.

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Because they do not require any specialized tools or knowledge, an expert roofer can install an asphalt roof in just a few days. They can also be installed over almost any basic structural support, making asphalt shingles a popular option for homeowners who are replacing their roof. Further, because the job can be completed quickly and easily, installation is affordable for most homeowners.

Finally, a big draw for many homeowners is that the shingles come in many styles. The shingles come in three levels of quality: three-tab, laminated and premium. If a homeowner is willing to pay for more expensive shingles, they may choose a laminated shingle that imitates the look of slate or natural wood shingles. Additionally, shingles have many color and pattern options available to fit their desired aesthetic or a completely new, custom look.

As with any roof material, there are a few disadvantages to installing asphalt shingles on a home. For example, the cheapest shingles can be susceptible to wind uplift and do not hold up as well against heat, which can cause them to become damaged. Further, asphalt shingles are not biodegradable and most often end up in landfills. However, they fit the wants and needs of almost all homeowners, making them one of the most popular options for use as roofing material.

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