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A flat roof has two major components: a top coating and an under layer. The top layer can be made of several materials, including a synthetic rubber coating, modified bitumen or asphalt. In general, flat roofs are found on homes in warmer regions that experience less annual snowfall. Because they offer certain advantages to homeowners, flat roofs are popular for certain styles of homes. A Rockville roofing technician may assist a homeowner with determining whether or not a flat roof is right for their home.

One of the biggest advantages of having a flat roof is that they are easier to inspect and repair. All roofs require regular inspections to ensure that there are no weak spots or areas where water is pooling. Pitched roofs can be particularly difficult for to inspect as an inexperienced person could damage the roof during a basic inspection in addition to that style of roof being a fall hazard. Because flat roofs have little to no pitch, an inspector can more easily move about without fear of falling or causing damage. If the roof does need repairs, a roofing expert can complete the work more quickly and easily.

Another major advantage is the cost.

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Flat roofs do not require the underlying structure that pitched roofs require. They ultimately need fewer materials and less labor. If a flat roof needs to be replaced, the full process can usually be completely within one day. While flat roofs do require more maintenance and must be resealed every few years, proper maintenance could significantly extend the lifespan of the roof.

Finally, if properly designed, a flat roof can be turned into another space that can be used by the family. Some homeowners use the roof for a garden space or a terrace while others install solar panels on the roof's flat surface to power their homes.

While there are many advantages, as with any type of roof, there are disadvantages. Flat roofs, especially those on larger buildings, cannot hold large amounts of snow accumulation or heavy rainfall. If too much snow accumulates, the roof could potentially collapse or become damaged. Additionally, if a flat roof is not properly maintained, the homeowner may be looking at completely replacing the roof within a 20-year period.

Regardless of the disadvantages of flat roofs, they can be a great alternative to a traditional pitched roof. If a homeowner is considering installing a flat roof, a roofing expert can assist them with weighing the pros and cons to determine if a flat roof fits their needs.

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