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For some homeowners, the biggest deciding factor in choosing materials for their home improvement projects is how "green" they are. If a product doesn't help lower their home's gas emissions or decrease the size of their carbon footprint, it might not be a good fit for that home. When a customer is looking for green roofing solutions, there are some viable options on the market for them. For peace of mind, homeowners can talk to their Rockville roofing professionals to make the best choice for their home.

The most common green option is recycled shingles. These shingles are made from recycled waste like rubber or plastic, and others are made from post consumer waste. While the idea sounds good, it also works well in theory. These shingles stand up against wind and damaging hail, and they are aesthetically pleasing as well. Their green factor comes from reduced waste going into landfills and a reduction in how many raw materials are used in the manufacturing process. Both of these things help decrease energy use and overall pollution. Many manufacturers give their products a 50 year warranty.

Metal roofing materials are considered green because they help reduce the energy use of a home. They have some of the same advantages of "cool roofs," which means they are great for hot climates.

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Homeowners who want to reduce air conditioning use would be making a sound choice by investing in a metal roof. The light colored metal is naturally reflective, repelling light and heat from the roof instead of absorbing it into the attic space. They're also very low maintenance, durable in storms and often made with recycled metals. Homeowners can choose from copper, steel or even zinc, and the metals come in a wide variety of colors to suit houses of any color or architecture. They're also recyclable at the end of their lifespan, which is typically 50 to 60 years if they're well maintained.

If homeowners are looking for green materials that last a long time, clay or slate tiles are the way to go. The durability of clay means they can last over 100 years if they're cared for, and they require minimal maintenance. Some tile manufacturers are still using the same manufacturing process they did decades ago and provide their products with a 100 year warranty. Clay and slate boast insulating properties, reducing a home's overall energy use. Green roofs not only have a minimal effect on a homeowner's checkbook; they also have a positive impact on the earth itself.

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