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There are many options available to homeowners who are looking to tap into more eco-friendly solutions for their roofs. One of these solutions is to install solar-power shingles. Not only are these shingles designed to look like asphalt shingle while providing the same protection, but they are also designed to soak up the sunlight and produce electricity. While the technology is not new, solar shingles are becoming more popular among homeowners. For those who are interested in replacing their roof and using solar shingles, it is recommended that they consult a professional Germantown roofing contractor to determine whether this type of roofing material is right for their home.

There are two main types of solar shingles: silicon-based solar shingles and thin-film solar shingles. Silicon-based shingles are able to convert approximately 22 percent of the sunlight that is absorbed into electricity. Thin-film solar shingles are less efficient than their silicone-based counterparts, but they are designed to be more flexible and better resemble traditional asphalt shingles. These shingles may be a better option for homeowners who do not want their roofs to stand out.

Like asphalt shingles, solar shingles are designed to last at least 25 years. They are nearly invisible when combined with traditional asphalt shingles. The energy that is produced is clean, which means that no non-renewable resources, other than what was used in the production of the shingles, are being used to produce it.

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Even better, any extra energy that is produced can be fed back into the electrical grid and sold. Not only do these types of shingles often raise the value of the home, the government offers tax incentives for those who install them.

As with any alternative roofing material, solar shingles are costly to install. These shingles can only be installed when the home is being completely re-roofed. Also, these shingles only provide power during sunny or slightly cloudy days as there are currently no energy storage options available. This means that occupants will still need to rely on the power grid for nighttime or rainy-day energy use.

Solar shingles are not appropriate for all roofs. In order to be effective, the roof must be angled in a way that it can absorb maximum sunlight and have a substrate that can handle the heat. For those who want to produce their own electricity but do not have the appropriate roof, solar panels may be a better option. However, a professional roofer can assist with determining whether a roof can handle solar shingles.

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