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The ideal roofing system lasts a lifetime. In addition to being water resistant and fireproof, it is solid and can endure inclement weather without damage. It does not deteriorate as a result of direct sunlight nor crack from extreme heat or cold. A good roof adds value to the home or office building while exhibiting an attractive appearance. For all these characteristics and more, property owners can invest in a system made of genuine slate. A Germantown roofing specialist can answer questions and offer professional advice concerning this sturdy, durable roof type.

Since slate is a form of metamorphic rock, it has been hardened by natural forces and serves as one of the most impenetrable roofing materials available. When constructed with the highest quality nails and flashing, a slate roof requires very little maintenance and often holds up for decades. It does not easily succumb to mold or mildew since water slides off quickly. The longevity of this roof type makes it very cost effective while its aesthetic appeal places it among the most desirable roofing systems.

Commonly used slate shingles measure between 3/16" and 1/4" in thickness. A standard roof is built with components of the same length and width in a typical pattern.

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However, some slate roofs consist of shingles with varying depths and butt size. In order to create a rustic look, they are often made with a rough texture and installed in different colors and sizes on the same structure. For a graduated roof, the biggest slates are placed at the eaves, but the shingles get smaller with each row that nears the ridge. The top roof section exposes only a small portion of each shingle. As a result, the building with a graduated roof looks bigger than its actual size.

At times, unusual patterns are associated with slate shingles such as the Dutch lap and the French method. Both are single layer roofing systems, but the Dutch lap pattern gives a 3 dimensional effect. Very large shingles are utilized for the French method. If genuine slate is either too heavy or too costly for a residential or commercial building, property owners have the option to install composite shingles that resemble the upscale stone material. The materials used can be rubber, polypropylene, asphalt or a variety of other substances, but the roofing system is unlikely to endure for as long as a real slate roof. Although the initial expense is lower when using a different product, a structure built with bona fide slate shingles is normally the most worthwhile selection for the long run.

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