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Choosing the right Germantown roofing contractor is key when looking to replace or repair a roof. Homeowners and property managers alike should do their research and find a qualified contractor, or the results may not live up to their expectations. There are several factors to consider when deciding which company to hire.

The first thing to look at is licensing and insurance. Reputable roofers will carry liability insurance and most of the time worker's compensation. Contractors who care about their business and employees are much more likely to care about the project. Licensing is not required in many states, but companies which plan to operate over the long term and expand generally obtain whatever license is possible.

The next thing to ask potential contractors is about their certifications. Many roofing manufacturers only honor warranties on installations done by factory-certified installers. This ensures that all the work is done to the standards the manufacturer has set for its materials and insures the roof will not fail due to poor installation. If a specific type of roof is needed, ask about previous projects the contractor has completed. A good company will keep pictures of previous jobs and records to show clients their ability. Make sure they have experience with the type of roof to be built.

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Once all of this is taken care of, it is time to look at the warranties offered. The length of the warranties is the obvious first question. The factory warranty for materials and the installation warranty will have different expiration dates. The materials are generally covered for a much longer period than the labor. Make sure the details are clear before deciding. It is important to know whether routine repairs and inspections are covered. Another factor is whether or not the warranty will remain valid if a different contractor is ever used in the future.

The last and most important aspect of choosing a roofer is their reputation. Find out how long they have been operating in the community. Established contractors should be well known around the area. If word of mouth is not enough, the Internet is a great source for customer reviews. Check with the local Better Business Bureau to find out their rating. There are also bound to be at least a couple reviews on service and consumer review sites. Ask around and do the homework to make finding the right match for any project a sure thing.

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