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Working with a Germantown roofing contractor is the proactive way to ensure a quality installation and a lasting results. Professionals are trained and equipped to safely tackle all types of jobs. Because most materials are backed with a manufacturer's warranty and have strict installation guidelines that must be followed, it's essential to work with a reputable professional. There are several aspects that must be considered when installing a new roof.

The size, layout and slope of a roof all affect the type of material that may work best on an individual property. Buildings that have minimal slope may require special materials, or contractors may use different methods, such as installing additional underlayment. For homes with a slight to steep pitch, fiberglass shingles are an excellent option. The products are cost-effective, and a wide variety of colors, styles and textures are available. Fiberglass shingles feature a granular surface that adds color to a roof and helps to protect the underlying mat of asphalt and tar from UV rays.

With asphalt shingles, cedar shakes and many synthetic materials, it's essential to use flashing. Flashing may be made from aluminum or steel and is used to ensure water cannot penetrate beneath an individual course of shingles.

In addition to fiberglass shingles that provide decades of service, homeowners may want to consider the benefits of today's synthetic products that offer the same natural look homeowners love in a long-lasting package.

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Synthetic slate is designed with the same features as natural slate and adds an elegant look to any home. Shakes that are made of synthetic materials are also available and are a great compliment to a rustic property or cabin.

To ensure the longest lifespan, homeowners may want to consider whether their home has ample ventilation. While many older properties were built before modern HVAC systems were in use, today's homes are sealed tight to prevent hot or cold air from leaving. As a result, it's essential to provide adequate ventilation in the roof area. Vents may be installed along the entire ridge or at certain points near the ridge. The total area of ventilation that is needed is determined by the square footage of a particular home.

Because there are so many factors at play in determining the right type of roof, a homeowner may want to consult with a contractor before choosing a particular material. During discussions, a homeowner should be sure to inquire about any warranties that are available so that they can make an informed decision.

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