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Germantown Roofing: Article About Preventing Water Damage From Ice Dams

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After a heavy ice or snowstorm, it may be possible for ice to accumulate in a home's gutters. Over time, this ice prevents melting snow and other moisture from running off the roof and away from the house. Instead, the water will seep into the home, which could cause significant damage to walls, insulation and other materials inside of the home.

When ice accumulates on the gutter, it is referred to as an ice dam. While ice dams can form rather easily when the temperatures drop below freezing, they are almost as easy to get rid of. Those who need to get ice or snow off their roof quickly should call a Germantown roofing professional to do the job. This is because it can be dangerous to clear anything off a roof even when safety precautions are taken.

A professional will generally first attempt to chip away a small portion of the ice that currently exists on the gutter. Doing so will create a clear path for the water to funnel down the roof and away from the house. A sledgehammer, traditional hammer or anything with a sharp blade can be used to clear ice.

After the ice has been taken care of, the next step is to rake snow off the roof.

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Raking snow off a roof is much like clearing snow off a car. With a snow rake, the person clearing the roof will remove the snow in a vertical fashion moving with the slope of the roof. It is not a good idea to go in a horizontal fashion because it could break the shingles. After the snow has been removed, all a homeowner has to do is wait for the ice to melt and the gutter to be completely free of any impediments.

When snow and ice is being removed from a roof, it is important that everyone else stay out of the path of the ice and snow. It is never a good idea to stand directly underneath large icicles or pieces of ice as before or while they are being removed as they could fall and hurt someone. While snow is generally thought of as soft, it could harden, clump together and/or be extra heavy if it has a high water content. Therefore, it is important to allow a professional the space that he or she needs to get the job done correctly and in a timely manner.

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