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When it comes to metal roofing, there are a number of myths out there. The truth is, metal roofs can be an excellent choice for many homeowners, and there are a number of Germantown roofing companies that install them. Before settling on any type of roof, it is best for homeowners to do some research and understand that everything they may hear might not be a fact.

One of the myths associated with metal roofing is that a home with this type of roof has a greater chance of being struck by lightning. This is simply not the case. In fact, if a home with a metal roof gets struck by lightning, the metal roof actually helps to dissipate the charge. In addition, since metal is not a combustible material, there is no risk that the roof will catch fire.

Another myth associated with metal roofs is that they are loud when it rains. Again, this is false thanks to the way a metal roof is installed. In most cases, a metal roof is installed over solid sheathing, plywood or even over an existing roof. This means it will make no more noise than a typical shingle roof.

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In fact, many times a metal roof is quieter than a nonmetal roof, and it helps to shield the noise from bad weather and rain.

There is also a myth associated with metal roofs that they are more expensive than traditional roofs. The truth is that if a homeowner stays in a home for several years, which most do, a metal roof easily is more affordable over time. Metal roofs help to increase the value of a home and helps homeowners save money on energy costs. Reports show that metal roofs can save as much as 50 percent on energy bills during the summer months.

Homeowners may also hear the myth that a metal roof will rust, but reality is that these roofs are designed to last for decades. These metal roofs are usually made of steel, and then on top of the steel, there is a layer of aluminum or zinc. In addition, the metal is then coated using a high quality paint that allows it to hold up to the toughest weather conditions. The paint also helps homeowners customize roof color to the rest of their home.

People also believe that metal roofs are susceptible to denting, but in truth, these roofs can hold up to extreme winds, hail and snow. Most metal roofs are rated for up to 120 miles per hour wind, and these roofs even perform well in hurricanes and tornados.

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