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For any homeowner, roof damage can be a major concern because it can lead to leaks that destroy the interior of the home. While there are numerous factors that contribute to roof damage, there are a few main causes that people should be aware of. If homeowners notice any leaks or damage being done to their roofs, they should call Germantown roofing professionals as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

The first major cause of roof damage is poor maintenance on the part of the homeowner. No matter what kind of roof a home has, it's eventually going to need maintenance. Failure to keep up with general maintenance of a roof leads to leaks resulting from the breakdown of roofing material such as asphalt shingles. Because roof maintenance is dangerous for homeowners to do themselves, it's best for them to hire roofing experts to keep up with the maintenance. These professionals are trained to inspect roofs and spot damage that the average homeowner might miss.

Wind may be the biggest natural enemy of a roof. Over time, as wind blows across the roof of a house, it loosens the nails and other fixtures that keep the roofing material in place. Not only do these loose shingles lead to roof leaks, they could also pose a danger to the residents.

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A moderate gust of wind could easily remove loose roofing material and send it flying into the yard below and hurt people who are outside.

While wind is a big problem for roofs, weather in general causes the majority of all roof damage. Exposure to the outside elements wears down roofing material. Snow, rain, hailstorms and the sun's rays all damage roofs over time. Some roofing material, such as metal, is designed to hold up better to weather than others. However, even metal roofs require maintenance to stand up to Mother Nature. For example, metal roofs are often coated in a layer of zinc to protect them from corrosion and rust. This coating needs to be re-applied every few years to keep the metal roofing protected.

The last major cause of roof damage is flashing problems. These types of problems generally occur as the roofing material breaks down or when a roof isn't installed properly. Flashing problems usually lead to major leaks and mildew buildup on the underside of the roofing material. Since the water becomes trapped and is unable to escape, mold starts to form. This becomes a major health risk for anyone living inside the home.

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