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Proper attic ventilation is critical to the health of a home. It is often overlooked by the homeowner, however, because signs of improper ventilation often do not appear until the damage is done. Poor airflow in the attic of a home can result in damage to the structure of the home and health risks for those who live there.

Throughout the year, as the seasons change, warm air naturally travels to the attic space. During the winter, when the interior of the home is heated for the comfort of homeowners, that heat rises into the attic space. When the hot summer sun beats down on the roof, the temperature of the air in the attic area rises. Without proper circulation, air in the attic will remain too warm. This hot air becomes a breeding ground for mold and mildew when exposed to even small amounts of moisture. Air conditioning and heating systems also become much less efficient when fighting against heat in the attic.

It is important to utilize the services of a qualified Germantown roofing contractor to inspect your attic space and measure the existing intake ventilation and exhaust ventilation. GAF, a leading manufacturer of premier roofing products, recommends at minimum providing 1 square foot of Net Free Ventilation for every 300 square feet of attic floor space. Local building codes may include requirements for attic ventilation in your area.

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For the health of your home, it is best to leave these measurements to a professional instead of trying to accomplish as a DIY project.

A professional roofing inspector will inspect the attic space and look for signs of improper ventilation. These signs can include damage to roof trusses, mold, mildew and inefficiencies in the heating and cooling system resulting in excessive energy bills. Simple fixes such as removing any obstructions to intake or outflow vents can be made quickly and affordably.

If necessary, exhaust vents can be added to the roof ridge that will cool the temperature of the air in the attic space. Additionally, exhaust vents prevent wood rot, protect the paint on the exterior of the home, guard against ice damming, reduce monthly energy bills and keep bugs and water out of the structure. Other options that may be recommended as a result of the attic inspection include the addition of an attic fan, changes in the attic insulation, and rerouting any ductwork heating or cooling unoccupied attic space.

Taking the step of contacting a qualified local roofing inspector will allow the homeowner to remedy any issues that may impact the structural strength and health of the home for years to come.

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