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Wintry weather is a major concern for homeowners who live in areas that get a lot of low temperatures and snow. Even in areas where winter storms don't happen often, the occasional snow shower or buildup of ice can leave lasting damage on a home's roof. One of the biggest concerns during cold weather is ice dams. Although these only occur during a brief time frame under the right conditions, it's important to hire a Germantown roofing expert to avoid leaks when ice dams form.

Ice dams are a buildup of ice that usually forms around the gutter system on a roof. Ice dams are created when the gutters are filled with moisture and temperatures drop below freezing. Gutters are designed to move water away from the house quickly, so ice dams often form when the gutters are clogged and the water is not draining properly from the top of the roof. After this first layer of ice forms, other moisture quickly starts to accumulate, building up the ice up.

The biggest problem with ice dams, besides possibly damaging a home's roofing material, is the potential for leaks. This can occur when the warm air from inside a house starts to heat up the roof.

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This warm air is enough to melt the underside of the ice dam but not the top. The frozen top layer holds the now thawed water in place, which causes it to pool. With no escape, the water starts to slip into the seams of the shingles. Then the water enters into the attic of the home through nail holes in the roofing deck.

Once water gets into a home, it can cause a lot of damage. The moisture can cause paint to peel off of the walls. It can also cause mold to build up behind the walls and in the insulation, which can become a major health risk for anyone living in the home. The damage inside the home is in addition to the destruction caused by the ice dam on top of the home, which usually includes damage to the home's gutter system and roof covering. It's also possible for structural damage to be done to a home, which is caused by the weight of the ice.

Homeowners can prevent ice dams from forming by simply hiring professional roofers to clean their gutter systems. A clean gutter system allows water to freely drain away from the house, preventing a buildup of ice. It's most important to hire expert roofers during the spring and fall, when debris is most likely to clog up gutter systems.

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