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When a house is in need of roofing repairs or replacement, the homeowner has options when selecting a Germantown roofing contractor. To begin the process, the homeowner should talk to his friends and neighbors who have recently had roofing work done. Once three professionals are identified, a meeting at the home should be scheduled to review the work to be done, allow the contractor to prepare an estimate, and provide the homeowner with the opportunity to ask a few questions.

During each initial meeting, there are five important questions that the homeowner should ask each potential contractor.

Who will represent the company at the work site each day? It is important to know if the owner or a foreman will be present each day at the jobsite. It is also important to identify who will handle communications with the owner in case of weather delays or other changes to the job.

Does the contractor have any concerns about the project to be completed? Assuming the contractor has years of experience, he or she will have a good idea of what is involved with a project of the size being proposed. If there are concerns, the contractor should bring them up at the time of the initial meeting.

Who will be responsible for cleanup at the jobsite each day? Any roofing project will create debris that will need to be collected daily.

The roofing experts at Seneca Creek Home Improvement of Germantown can assist you with any questions regarding roofing, windows or doors.

A professional contractor may arrange for a container to be delivered to the property to dispose of waste. Verify with the contractor to avoid surprise charges and additional responsibilities of the homeowner.

What is the project timeline? A clear timeline should be provided by the contractor with contingencies for weather delays. The roofing professional should communicate a start date for the project and an estimated number of days to complete.

What type of warranty for workmanship and roofing materials will be provided at the completion of the project? Warranties offered may vary depending on the manufacturer and quality of the roofing materials chosen. It is important to understand the options available for warranties on roofing materials and workmanship.

The contractor should submit three residential references from recent projects similar to the one they are bidding. The homeowner should contact the references and ask about the project including cleanup, professionalism, work hours and whether the project was completed on time and within budget.

By checking references, asking the right questions and considering the recommendations of trusted friends and neighbors, the homeowner can begin the project with clear expectations and the confidence that the job will be done right.

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