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Lap siding and stucco used to be the most common exterior choices when a home required an update. Although these materials are attractive, they have several drawbacks as they begin to weather and age. A Germantown roofing professional will often suggest fiber cement siding as a smart alternative. Consisting of cellulose fibers, sand and cement, this siding material last for decades with a few key features.

When homeowners choose traditional wood for their siding, it usually requires painting. Fiber cement actually comes with its color already embedded into the material. The siding is stained during the manufacturing process. Because the color is part of the material construction, it lasts longer and costs less than a traditional paint job on traditional wood siding. Having the color already embedded into the fiber cement saves you both time and money.

Because of its material components, fiber cement is an excellent insulator. Although exterior walls have insulation built into their construction, homes still have some drafts on extremely cold or hot days. Fiber cement siding adds another layer of draft protection, allowing the home to maintain a steady indoor temperature. Having to use the air conditioning and heating system becomes less frequent, thereby lowering energy costs significantly.

Any home is constantly battling the outside elements, including pests.

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Fiber cement siding looks like wood, depending on the style, but it doesn't provide the sustenance pests require. Termites, ants and other insects simply cannot bore through the siding, forcing them to look elsewhere for sanctuary. Fiber cement doesn't wear down easily either, so any larger pests looking for an entryway into the home won't find one along the exterior walls.

Even rot and decay aren't a concern for fiber cement siding homes. Rains could be frequent, but fiber cement simply resists the moisture from absorbing into the material. Because of its rot resistance, fiber cement rarely needs to be replaced or repaired. Homeowners must still have preventive maintenance performed on the siding for cleanliness and other needs, but major repairs are almost nonexistent. Residents simply need to have a professional installation by experienced contractors.

Contractors can easily bring fiber cement samples to a home to see the material up against the exterior wall. Homeowners can visualize the new siding and choose a perfect color. Although the material can be painted, most homeowners remain with the original color for years as it complements trim and entry door hues. Curb appeal is instantly improved with fiber cement siding.

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