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From gale-force winds to lightning storms, severe weather occurs around almost any household. The roof takes the brunt of all these forces to protect the structure and its residents. After a particularly bad storm, homeowners should contact a Germantown roofing professional. Contractors can take a look at the roof to determine whether anything must be repaired or the roof must be replaced to preserve the building's integrity.

Pounding rain makes roof moisture problems a concern for homeowners, but hail is much more destructive. Depending on the hail's diameter, these icy pellets create dimples in shingles. Although these dimples may appear to be an aesthetic issue, they accelerate shingle decline over time. The dimples cause the structural breakdown of the shingles, allowing granules to drop from the surface and onto the ground. When hailstorms are strong enough, shingles may even need to be replaced right away.

Ice damming is another concern for areas with snowy winters. Snow melting at roof peaks will reform into ice at the eaves. This ice becomes a barrier, forcing water up into the shingles and forming leak pathways to the roof deck below.

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Although it's not necessary to physically remove snow from a structure, this melting process can be stopped by ventilating the attic properly. Roofers can create a positive air flow through the attic to stop melting snow from reforming into ice dams.

Even windy conditions create issues with shingle installations. Some winds physically lift roofing materials, encouraging loose nails and curled shingle edges. Driving rain coupled with winds forces moisture up into the roofing system and immediate structure. Homeowners should have professionals inspect the roof, especially after high winds. Even one lifted shingle can cause significant damage.

Because weather damage can occur any time of year, it's a smart idea to work closely with an insurance inspector. They'll examine the roof and determine coverage points to reduce costs. An entire repair could be covered by a policy in some cases. Homeowners should also ask for a separate repair quote to ensure the inspector is quoting all necessary fixes. Maintaining the roof is a team effort between roofing professionals, insurance inspectors and homeowners.

If it's not possible to hire a roofer immediately after a storm for damage assessment, homeowners should adhere to a normal yearly inspection process. Contractors will note and estimate repairs during their normal examination appointments. However, damages may worsen over time, so it's always better to hire a professional as soon as possible after a weather event.

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