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Germantown Roofing: Article About Eliminating Ice Dams

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Following the winter months, Germantown roofing professionals often receive calls from frustrated owners reporting damage to their home as a result of winter storms. Heavy ice and snow, damaging winds and frigid temperatures are not only uncomfortable, they can cause damage to the exterior of the home. Frequently, this damage can be avoided if proper care is taken to prevent the formation of ice dams.

Explained simply, an ice dam forms when snow or ice melts due to the temperature of the roof surface being warmer than the outside air temperature. When the melted snow or ice travels down the slope of the roof, it can refreeze at the roof's edge or when it enters the guttering system. The dam, or ridge, that forms when the precipitation refreezes blocks the flow of ice and results in snow melting down the roof, through the guttering system and away from the home. This can allow moisture to enter through any exposed areas of the roof into the attic space or the interior of the home. Water can also enter the basement or crawlspace of a home if it is not directed away from the dwelling.

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If the homeowner finds himself in a situation where he has an active ice dam, he should immediately contact a reputable local roofing contractor. Several procedures can be implemented to temporarily reduce the ice dam and to stop the flow of moisture into the home until a permanent fix can be made.

During the fall, prior to winter storms, an inspection by a roofing professional can address any issues that might cause future ice dams to form. The contractor will look for any areas that allow warm air to leak from the attic space of the home, check the home for proper insulation, verify that adequate air circulation is achieved in the attic space and establish that proper drainage systems are in place. If there are any deficiencies that may result in problems during winter precipitation, the contractor will work with the homeowner to put a satisfactory solution in place.

Professional roofing contractors suggest local homeowners have an annual inspection of the home and roof surface. In addition, it is strongly recommended that gutters be cleaned and cleared by the homeowner at the end of each fall season once the trees have shed their leaves.

By planning ahead and scheduling a roof inspection by a qualified area roofing professional, homeowners can avoid costly damage and unnecessary headaches. A simple annual review of the drainage, ventilation and roofing systems can be cost effective and hassle free.

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