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Modern homeowners are more concerned than ever about maintaining a green household, including the rooftop. From solar shingles to specialized underlayment, the roofing industry is saturated with alternative materials to be eco-friendly on several levels. However, there are many false green roof myths that must be discussed so homeowners can work efficiently with a Germantown roofing professional on a new renovation.

Homeowners may be contemplating a roof garden as a way to cool the home and reduce air conditioning use. Although gardens do effectively cool immediate areas, they're also very heavy. A standard roof is meant to hold shingles and underlayment, so adding soil, water and plants could overburden the structure. There are other roofing materials that provide a cooling effect, including metal. Light-colored roofing materials are particularly cooling because they reflect ultraviolet light and heat.

The idea of throwing away hundreds of pounds of shingles for one roofing project understandably concerns homeowners. Home improvement waste is a large contributor to landfill volumes. However, there are simple solutions to this waste issue. Talking to a contractor about their shingle disposal might surprise some residents. Many companies recycle shingles with local businesses. Asphalt shingles can be made into roadway materials, for example. Replacing an old roof can actually help the environment by reusing those materials.

If homeowners aren't aware of shingle recycling, they may look for a contractor who performs overlay services.

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Shingle overlays are projects where the original roofing remains in place while new materials are added on top. Stacking shingles may save them from landfills, but the home could be subjected to future leaks. New shingles cannot lay flush on the surface, possibly allowing moisture to creep into the home. Residents may need to replace interior drywall because of water stains and other damage. It's a better idea to remove and replace the shingles entirely.

When homeowners are renovating their roof, they may think about adding solar panels. They often forgo the idea, however, because of solar costs. Today's solar technology is more affordable than ever. Homeowners should speak to contractors about a possible quote, especially if a roof is brand new. Installing solar panels with the new roof could reduce labor costs because the work is being performed simultaneously. Look for several solar panel estimates to compare prices between contractors for the best installation.

Research green roofing through online resources to see the latest information. A contracting professional can go over these concepts to see if they can be applied to a particular home. Being eco-friendly saves homeowners on energy costs and possibly increases property values.

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